Saturday, 13 December 2008

Twinkle Star Concert 2008 プログラム





9:00 開場
9:30 開演・ごあいさつ

1.Performances of YPK Kids
[Kinders] Hand Bells "Joy to the World"
[All] Song "Must Be Santa"
[Toddlers] Songs "Let's Clap Hands for Santa", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
[Rompers] Song with rhythm sticks "Reindeer Are Tapping", Song with bells "Bell Are Ringing"
[Kinders] Song "Friendly Beasts"

2. Performances of Afterschool, Saturday school & Eikaiwa students
[AK & SK] Song "Jingle Bells"
[YIS & YSS] Song "My Favorite Things"
[Eikaiwa] Song "Sing", Story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", Story "Christmas ABC"
[YIS] Hand Bells "Silent Night"
[All] Let's sing all together!! "12 Days of Christmas"

10:30 休憩 20分(ドリンクとスナックのサービス)

3. Have More Fun!
[Akari & Nozomi] Story "The Bear Snores On"
[Play Club 39] Play "Santa and The Crane"「サンタとつるのおんがえし」

Special Guest!!
Music "あわてんぼうのサンタクロース"、"クリスマスメドレー" 他

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